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Original Publish Date: November 8, 2021

Are dropped calls driving your support staff crazy? There’s a Spectralink solution for that!

The number of mobile workers in the United States alone is projected to reach 93.5 million people this year, and globally, roughly 80% of the workforce is considered mobile. What does that mean? It means that workers are not tethered to one specific location like a desk in their office to do their jobs, and are often equipped with mobile devices to maintain connected anywhere on the job site. This also means, then, that much of this workforce relies on telephone calls to keep in touch with teammates, supervisors, and even customers. Dropped calls and static and poor voice quality are frustrating and unproductive for these mobile workers who rely on phones to stay connected to teams, receive critical information, and even serve patients, customers or guests. But what about support staff – your IT and Telecom teams that manage your enterprise mobility solution? How do you make troubleshooting these calls easier for your administrators and save them time and headaches, while also making sure your mobile end-users have positive call experiences? Enable IT and Telecom Admins with AMIE, a Mobile Analytics Dashboard from Spectralink. AMIE stands for Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises, and AMIE provides answers and insights that traditional EMMs and MDMs lack, all from one central cloud-based dashboard.

Why is Call Quality So Important?

While texting is a prevalent form of communication. discussions between people are the core of every relationship and the same holds true for business, no matter what your industry.  Whether the call is with store associates, customers, or vendors, between healthcare providers in a hospital setting, or between guest service associates in hospitality, most transactions require some level of conversation.  While no one expects every call to be perfect, the bar for call quality is high and when it is not consistently met, users will let you know.  And in fact, in industries like healthcare, where a missed call or a bad connection could mean the difference between life in death, having reliable call quality is absolutely critical. In customer-based industries like retail or hospitality, poor or dropped calls can cost a sale, which can eventually affect the bottom line if a business becomes known to not be reliably reachable. And in industries like warehousing and manufacturing where the phone is often a lifeline in a sometimes dangerous environment, call quality remains a critical need.

The problem for IT and Telecom staff is that issues with call quality are often intermittent, rarely reported at the time of the call, and when reported, the issues are often vague such as:

  • Call dropped and I had to call him back
  • There was a bunch of static, but it went away after 5 seconds
  • The phone just does not work like it should

Supporting your phone requires supporting a system of complex networks and interconnected devices and services that include:

  • Wireless handset (the phone)
  • Wireless network (Wi-Fi or DECT)
  • Wired network consisting of routers and switches
  • PBX or UCaaS provider
  • Landlines

The phone is often NOT the problem!

While users tend to point to the phone as the problem because it is what is tangibly in their hands and is perceived to be failing them on the job, they often do not realize that the phone is only one of the many components of the system required to make a call. In fact, issues with any component of a calling system from the access points, to the battery in the handsets, will likely result in poor voice quality. In short, the handset may not – and is likely not – usually the problem. When everything works as expected, call quality is good, but networks are complicated and packets get lost, routers fail, and wireless coverage can change when the environment changes.

Spectralink is a pioneer in voice communications and has been delivering the highest quality voice solutions for 30 years.  We work with the leading call management, networking, and wireless solution providers to ensure that our phones provide unparalleled performance and voice quality.  As such, we have extensive experience in end-to-end voice and data communication. To ensure the best performance of our devices and the best voice experience for our customers, we offer a monitoring, logging, and reporting solution for both our Versity family of enterprise smartphones and our enterprise DECT solution: AMIE®.

Our AMIE mobile analytics dashboard helps IT and Telecom Administrators to not only determine their overall voice performance, but also provide them both a detailed trail of each issue and the information to identify and resolve root causes. In short, AMIE helps to fill in the gaps of information that EMMs and MDMs just cannot provide. AMIE can:

  • Help diagnose network connectivity issues
  • Determine handset battery health
  • Allows for quick batch configuration across an entire fleet of devices or just a small subset
  • Help to locate phones across the campus
  • And more!

For more information on how the AMIE mobile analytics dashboard enables IT and Telecom Admins and can reduce your support requirements and improve your call experience visit, or contact our team for a demo at