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We’ve heard repeatedly from our customers that battery management is one of the biggest challenges they face when managing a fleet of mobile devices post-deployment. Industry analyst reports also confirm the importance of battery management, indicating that battery failure is a leading cause of disruption to front-line workers and that battery health is one of the most important device analytics enterprises rely on for mobility management.  

Proactively monitoring battery health and status is crucial to enterprise mobility management and helps by:  

  • Preventing front-line workers from being stuck mid-shift with a depleted battery 
  • Avoiding interruption of productivity and quality of service  
  • Allowing administrators to manage the organization’s battery supply, so healthy batteries are always available 

 AMIE™ (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises) is the Spectralink solution designed specifically for IT and Telecom Administrators to help solve common concerns like taking the frustration and guesswork out of battery management by providing visibility into the health of Versity and 84 Series batteries across the enterprise. 

From the user-friendly AMIE dashboard, Telecom Administrators can see an overview of all device batteries. AMIE proactively monitors battery health and sends real-time alerts when batteries are degraded and need to be replaced so front-line workers, like clinicians and retail associates, can focus on their jobs without the disruption of a dead battery. Telecom Administrators can foresee battery failure and proactively order new batteries when necessary to maintain the organization’s inventory.  

At the start of a shift, when a worker inserts a battery into their device, the AMIE Cloud analyzes the battery status in near real-time, and if the battery is at the end of its usable life, then AMIE will send a message to the user immediately to let them know the battery is no longer viable and needs to be replaced. The message is also sent to the AMIE dashboard so administrators are aware of bad batteries. Alerts can be customized with messages to include content like the organization’s battery disposal instructions and can be set to send at intervals, so the alert is repeated until the requested action is taken. By receiving the battery alert at the start of the shift, workers can replace the bad battery with a new battery and prevent mid-shift interruptions.  

Additionally, even though a battery may display a full charge on the phone screen, the battery could be old and incapable of holding a complete charge for an entire shift. Without AMIE’s monitoring and alerts, workers would not know if a battery is at the end of life or just was quickly depleted from the shift’s demands and might be placed back into the charger. This means a bad battery could stay in circulation indefinitely, causing disruption and frustration to the next mobile worker who pulled the bad battery out of the charger.  

AMIE’s Battery Management tool also provides valuable analytics for battery check-in counts, cycle counts, battery temperature, and power consumed by each app (feature available for Versity smartphones only), providing Telecom Administrators all the information needed to manage fleets of shared devices and batteries.  

AMIE solves real problems, like simplifying battery management, making always-on communication achievable. With AMIE, device management just works.

Want to learn more about AMIE’s features? Contact your local sales representative or Spectralink Partner for a demo. 

AMIE is Spectralink’s Enterprise Mobility Intelligence solution portfolio designed especially for IT and Telecommunication Administrators to help avoid disruption and optimize operations. AMIE keeps your Spectralink Wi-Fi device fleet and DECT infrastructure running smoothly with easy deployment and centralized device administration, analytics for diagnosing issues, and proactive alerts to increase efficiency and keep you focused on your core business.