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Spectralink’s latest software release for the Versity smartphone family includes a new and improved app to manage sound profiles. SoundStage+ will replace SoundStage, offering more administrative control options and an improved user interface. The app enables administrators and users to control the volumes of various system and application sounds using five profiles: Normal, Loud, Soft, Silent, and Personal. SoundStage+ can be fully or partially controlled via AMIE® Essentials or an EMM.

SoundStage + Features:

  • 5 sound profile options so alerts are never missed or disruptive
  • Prevents accidental mute of alerts
  • Easily accessible by swipe down navigation bar
  • Provides more administrative control and improved UI for setting the volume of system applications

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to customize sound profiles on your Spectralink Versity devices!

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