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In today’s highly connected world, more and more businesses–including large enterprises such as hospitals, retail, and manufacturing environments–rely on smartphones not only for communication, but also to access information and critical applications on the go. An increasingly mobile workforce means IT and telecommunication managers are faced with a growing need to keep these devices running smoothly for optimal performance.

Managing smartphones in a shared environment can be challenging: how are the phones performing? When do the batteries need to be replaced? Who was using the phone? Where was the phone last seen? With different departments, people and shifts all using the same phones, how can you be sure that your smartphone fleet is always ready for action?

Data-driven Insights Accelerate Mobile Workforce Performance

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce the release of AMIE – Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises. AMIE is a powerful new tool built to keep your Spectralink smartphones running smoothly so you can focus on operational efficiency, avoiding disruption caused by costly and time-consuming resolution steps like RMAs and vendor technical support.

Spectralink is leading the way in the enterprise mobility industry with AMIE’s voice experience tracking technology. AMIE is an ally in your efforts to support mission-critical communications. By monitoring user experience on the Wi-Fi network and providing call performance metrics to ensure optimal connectivity, you can reduce expensive disruptions and feel confident in your ability to maintain these vital assets and the critical business applications running on them.

Managing Smartphones More Effectively

  • Use our device and application management features to save time provisioning, configuring and updating devices. In conjunction with your EMM, you can utilize batch configuration files to deploy our Biz Phone SIP dialer, saving you hours – even days – in large fleet deployments.
  • Swap out a “bad” device and map the configuration to a new device in just a few clicks.
  • Monitor the battery life of your entire fleet and know when to replace a head of time with AMIE’s Analytics module.
  • See which phones haven’t checked in and find their last location
  • Analyze fleet utilization by department so you can load balance based on usage
AMIE platform for managing smartphones

And, best of all, know where and when calls get dropped and what access points are causing issues. No more wasting time sending in a device to be fixed with “no trouble found” when you can proactively diagnose a Wi-Fi access point issue.

Watch the video for a short demo of AMIE: