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AMIE logoWhether in retail, hospitality, finance, tourism, or entertainment, customers and guests are demanding personalized, flexible, and usually fast service.  One of the best ways businesses can meet these expectations is by providing customer service associates and their colleagues with mobile devices that are specially equipped for data access, communication, and collaboration on the move. And, while industries like manufacturing, warehousing, and even education may not specifically be in the “customer service” industry, they feature multiple teams across large spaces who also need to access data and to communicate and collaborate cross-functionally to do their jobs.

Deploying a fleet of mobile devices is a great step to help these deskless workers, but how do you minimize the stress on IT and Telecomm teams when it comes to managing these devices and ensuring that they meet their respective industry’s communication and data security standards? While applications like EMMs and MDMs can help to some extent, there are limitations. To manage these devices across the business from a single interface and from any locations, you need a centralized device management dashboard like AMIE® (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprise) from Spectralink as the perfect complement to an EMM or MDM. A centralized dashboard like AMIE saves endless hours of manual device configuration and deployment. And, it helps to remove the headaches from IT and Telecomm by providing an easier way for 24/7 device usage and network health monitoring.

Ease of Deployment and Configuration

Enterprises do not often operate on a single floor or even in one single building.  Instead, business operations can include stores and warehouses across a wide area, multiple buildings across a hotel property, or a big education campus. The ability toLooking at AMIE on 2 screens configure and deploy large numbers of devices in different locations remotely from a web-based management dashboard is truly a game-changer, saving IT and Telecomm professionals time spent traveling from building to building. Plus, management dashboards like AMIE can copy configurations from old devices easily onto new devices, and perform updates automatically with no downtime.

And, through this same centralized device management dashboard, IT and Telecomm can configure these devices for specific application access, so they only perform work-related functions. This helps to improve workforce productivity, once again saving time and money. Plus, having a centralized dashboard lets you stay ahead of software updates and push them out to the handsets remotely, taking the mystery away from end-users and ensuring all devices are updated.

Advanced Monitoring and Analytics

A centralized management portal also can provide your IT and Telecomm teams a single dashboard to see a lot of information about your fleet of phones, including the battery health of each device and the quality of each call made.  Call quality is assessed and analyzed based on network access points, handoffs, and signal strength, and can help to determine if any reported issues are with the phone or with the network. You can also check device battery life, locations, and usage. And, this management portal can also help to get dead or defective batteries out of usage by pushing alerts and instructions for battery replacement and disposal down to the handset that has the bad battery so that battery does not remain in circulation.

And, with use metrics that can be analyzed on a departmental or group level, a device management dashboard like AMIE helps you assess if your operation needs to purchase more devices or if you can simply balance device usage across users, departments, and shifts by reassigning under-used devices from one department to one with heavier usage, saving money.

Man with cape wearing AMIE shirt under suitEnhanced Safety and Security

Safety is at top of mind no matter what the industry – fast responses and keeping your employees, guests, or customers safe in the event of an emergency such as an active shooter, a fire, or even a lone worker situation is a critical part of any business operation.  What if your mobile device fleet could help? Device management dashboards make it simple to integrate alarms, location identification, man down, and secure messaging features with your specific safety protocols and configure down through all devices.

Centralized device management through AMIE also ensures that your devices and the information they contain meet your industry’s prescribed security protocols. Plus, the AMIE dashboard can help pinpoint the location of missing devices within your building or campus, and, in coordination with specific applications, can even help to determine which shift employee may have been the last to use that device. Devices can be locked down to prevent information security breaches, and device location helps to reduce replacement costs for missing devices.


No matter what your industry, your enterprise can benefit from the insights, deployment, and device management capabilities provided by a centralized device analytics dashboard. For Spectralink devices, that tool is AMIE. AMIE is an ideal way to optimize your team’s performance and workflow efficiencies while helping to save time and remove headaches from your IT and Telecomm teams tasked with managing your mobility solution. Thanks to the visibility you gain into your network and fleet, it’s easy to manage all of your devices from a single interface and identify new ways to help your team deliver exceptional customer value.

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