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Why do security-conscious customers choose Spectralink smartphones over the competition the majority of the time?

Information security has always been and still is a top concern of our enterprise customers.  According to a recent Gartner study*, the importance of security in enterprise mobility cannot be understated, as each instance of a security breach costs a large enterprise on average $9.2M in damages!  Our customers are hyper-sensitive to protecting their employee and customer data, especially in critical sectors including healthcare, finance, and retail operations, where often security is not just a nice-to-have but is crucial to maintaining compliance standards.

Spectralink has been synonymous in the healthcare and retail industries for many years as a manufacturer of ruggedized, ultra-reliable products with superior voice quality over Wi-Fi delivered on our proprietary VQO technology.  Spectralink’s success in selling into and supporting enterprise customers comes partly from our reliable and durable handset designs; our ability to provide flexible and relevant software solutions our customers care about; our focus and optimization of voice over Wi-Fi as well as our best-in-class support and services platform and tools.

But, it’s also our relentless focus on enterprise-grade security.  Our smartphones are built on top of Google’s robust android platform that is specifically designed for enterprise-grade platforms and applications.  We also leverage Qualcomm’s thoughtfully developed, secure chipset platforms and reference designs with a focus on providing a reliable platform to protect data both at rest and in motion.

We are an active part of Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended ecosystem and as such, our software is designed and developed to meet or exceed the stringent security protocol scans and testing.  To give some depth to how seriously we take security, my team scans close to 2 million lines of code in the 7000+ source files on top of which we base our secure applications.  Those scans are conducted using industry-recognized and trusted static analysis tools.  On top of that, we perform daily scans of nearly 400 open-source libraries used in those applications.  Results from these scans enable us to identify potential security and stability issues that are corrected before we release any software to our customers.

In addition to the secure hardware and software that make up our enterprise-grade devices, our customers leverage and rely on secure device management platforms or EMMs to control and monitor the types of apps loaded onto our handsets as well as limit open internet access.  These platforms bring in and ensure an extra layer of security on top of our already secure devices. With Spectralink, we make mobility work when it comes to the importance of security for enterprise mobility.

To learn more about our secure Mobile Technology, visit our Products and Services page. And, to talk to a Spectralink professional about setting up a secure mobility solution for your organization, Contact Us.

*Zumerle, Dionisio and Rob Smith. “Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense.” Gartner. November 2019. 


Mesut Guven, Spectralink CTO,  is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years of experience in the wireless industry with a track record of building and leading successful engineering teams. He brings a depth of experience devising and commercializing innovative solutions and products with a keen focus on efficiency and quality. Connect with Mesut on LinkedIn!