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As we learned in the first blog of this series, DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony ) enables wireless, easy and seamless communications. But what are some of the other benefits of a DECT system?

  • You can send a much higher-quality voice signal with DECT technology. This permits the use of High Definition (HD) voice, which provides a much more accurate and clear sound for the listener
  • DECT uses its own spectrum, meaning there is no interference with Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi
  • DECT allows seamless roaming for large sites or multiple sites
  • DECT is highly secure and encrypted
  • The dedicated DECT network offers a seamless and undisturbed communication channel for your team while also improving audio quality
  • DECT spans the old world to the new world of Analogue, Digital, and IP and can be combined.

DECT is not the only technology offering wireless communication, but it is the only one that can provide a high level of stability, quality, and security.

This DECT Forum video summarizes the key benefits of using DECT will give you a quick and concise overview of the benefits of using DECT in today’s world of unified communications (UC)

For more information on what makes Spectralink DECT world-class, check out our DECT product page and parts 1, 3, and 4 of this DECT video series.