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Change can be scary. According to Gartner, 73% of change-affected employees report experiencing moderate to high stress levels. But this shouldn’t deter you or your staff from taking steps to improve your operation.

According to Microsoft, about one-third of employees and managers said they don’t have the right tools to work effectively. This means there is a desire among workers for new tech. However, when those tools are provided, 55% said they don’t receive formal training on how to use them and 46% fear it may cost their jobs if they don’t adapt quickly to the new technology.

These numbers show that effectively managing operational change is as important to your business as adopting a new technology. At Spectralink, we believe there are two major keys to successful adoption of mobile technologies:

#1 Open-source change management

Many organizations still manage change from the top down. We believe it’s time to ditch this approach that survives from a time when corporate hierarchies were much more rigid. Since companies today are much more egalitarian, top-down change management quite often proves counterproductive.

An excellent alternative is open-source management, a strategy that involves crowd-sourcing information from employees before and during changes. This can increase the rate of lasting success from 34% to 58% and increase employee engagement by 38%.

Employees fear change because they worry about not being able to perform a function they’ve done in the past or that a new skill will be required of them. But allowing employees to try out new solutions and measure them against old approaches allows them to see how the benefits of new technologies apply to them directly. Taking ownership of the decision also gives employees more confidence and motivation for successful adoption.

#2 Excellent training and support

New technologies are meant to help workers of all kinds do their job more efficiently. However, their job isn’t to learn how to use new technologies. Employees cannot simply be notified that an operational change is taking place and be expected to hop on board. Managers need to provide ongoing training and support to ensure the successful adoption of a new technology.

Part of open-source change management policy is addressing the lack of communication that is often blamed for failed adoption. By having employees take part in the decision to adopt a new solution, they are already aware of what is being changed and why. They can also help plan for successful deployment and training.

The Spectralink advantage

Spectralink is different from other mobile enterprise providers because we pay extremely close attention to the needs of mobile workers. We carefully research what tools they need to succeed and build solutions they love.

At Spectralink, we work closely with our clients to provide expert training and ongoing support. We assess your workflows to design a complete end-to-end solution and tailor a successful adoption plan to meet your enterprise goals. AMIE®, our management platform can help your IT team easily troubleshoot network and device issues, and our responsive support team is always here to help with integration and user adoption.

Contact us to learn more about how Spectralink can work closely with your team to ensure successful mobile device change management.

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