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AMIE Device Management Dashboard for Retail

Today’s consumers expect a flexible and personalized in-store shopping experience. One of the best ways retailers can meet these expectations is by providing sales associates with mobile devices that are specially equipped for data access, communication, and collaboration. To manage these devices across your retail operation from a single interface, you need a centralized device management dashboard like AMIE® from Spectralink.

Consolidate your mobile network management

Providing your IT or telecom team with a centralized dashboard for managing and monitoring your entire mobile fleet saves endless hours of manual device configuration and deployment. It also makes it easy to keep watch over device usage and network health 24/7.

Here are three key advantages that device management dashboards offer retailers:

1. Ease of Deployment & Configuration
  • Deployment across locations – Your operation includes stores and warehouses across a wide area. The ability to configure and deploy large numbers of devices in different locations remotely from a web-based management dashboard is truly a game-changer.
  • Easy configuration – Imagine all of the work of having to manually configure 100+ devices – or update them on a regular basis. Web-based management tools can copy configurations and perform updates automatically with no downtime.
  • Set up devices for work-related functionality – Enterprise smartphones are incredibly useful retail tools, but they can also be distracting. A centralized device management dashboard makes it easy to configure devices to only perform work-related functions.
2. Enhanced Safety & Security
  • Worker safety – It’s easy to integrate alarms, location identification, man down, and secure messaging features with device management dashboards to protect your team in case of emergencies.
  • Theft prevention – With centralized device management, it’s easy to track missing devices and who had them last so that you can locate them when they go missing.
  • Application management – Even the best applications can have vulnerabilities. Device management dashboards allow you to monitor the security of third-party applications, so you never have to be concerned.
3. Advanced Monitoring & Analytics
  • Call-quality and battery monitoring – With a centralized management portal, you can monitor call quality based on network access points, handoffs, and signal strength. You can also check device battery life, locations, and usage.
  • Proactive software updates – Having a centralized dashboard lets you stay ahead of software updates and set them up remotely before they cause downtime.
  • Utilization balancing – A device management dashboard helps you assess if your operation needs more devices and how to balance device usage across users, departments, and shifts.
  • Troubleshooting – With built-in alerts, it’s easy to diagnose problems quickly. You can see whether the issue is a device or access point, so your IT team doesn’t need to waste time running manual tests to figure out what went wrong.
AMIE from Spectralink

AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprise) is Spectralink’s centralized device management dashboard. It’s a web-based tool designed specifically for IT or telecom administrators to provide superior device functionality and advanced fleet management.

AMIE provides real-time device monitoring and useful analytics that give you key insights into the performance of your voice network. It also helps you proactively troubleshoot problems to avoid downtime.

AMIE is an ideal way to optimize your team’s performance and workflow efficiencies. Thanks to the visibility you gain into your network, it’s easy to manage all of your devices from a single interface and identify new ways to help your team deliver exceptional customer value.

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