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Retail Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Spectralink delivers enterprise mobility solutions that enable retailers to successfully compete in the omnichannel world. Our purpose-built mobile devices integrate seamlessly with leading retail applications to provide personalized service to shoppers at every stage of the buyer journey. We’ve helped global retailers streamline operations, enhance in-store communications and deliver insight-rich customer experiences.

Global retailers are implementing omnichannel initiatives in order to increase sales and brand loyalty among digital shoppers, while at the same time, streamlining operations and controlling costs. Many of them are turning to mobile apps that serve as research tools and shopping assistants, enabling consumers to access relevant product and pricing information in real-time.

Spectralink provides future-focused retail communication solutions that enable organizations to successfully compete in the omnichannel world. By seamlessly integrating with leading mobile applications and innovation partners, Spectralink provides global retailers with devices that enable them to streamline workflows, enhance in-store communications and provide personalized experiences for their customers at every touchpoint.

Personalized communication solutions for every stage of the buyer journey

Retail communication solutions designed to fuel success

Essential voice quality and improved communications

Retailers will rely on the voice quality and reliability of the Spectralink Voice Quality Optimization (VQO) solutions to make sure that communications with customers and between associates are clear and never dropped. This will be key to maintaining customer loyalty and to facilitating workflow efficiencies across all retail types.

Spectralink’s solutions offer proprietary VQO resulting in clear communication without dropped calls. This ensures that customers experience a fast, easy communication flow with retailers. Further, employees are able to communicate clearly and efficiently to meet a customer need and to increase workflow efficiencies throughout the inventory management process.



Fulfilling BOPIS and curbside pickup orders quickly and accurately is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction–not to mention facilitating social distancing by limiting the length of time a customer must spend waiting in the store. With a Spectralink solution, store associates can be immediately notified when an online order comes in, so they have the time and information needed to fill the order and prepare it for in-store or curbside pick up.


Inventory and distribution management

“Do you have this in stock?” is the question your customers often ask the most. Don’t leave them guessing. Intelligrated’s WCSPlus® inventory management systems streamline fulfillment operations while providing store associates with accurate, real-time inventory data. Identify products that are available in-store, at the closest nearby location, or in your regional warehouse and manage fulfillment across channels for an improved customer experience.

Personalized, in-store assistance

Customers and store associates often need assistance at a moment’s notice. Indyme sensor networks provide anytime assistance and integrate with existing mobile platforms. Customers can ask for assistance with a push of a button from any location. Sensing technology detects shoppers’ behaviors, enabling store associates to proactively address their needs. Cloud-based reports provide insights into shopper activity to increase staffing effectiveness, build sales and reduce shrinkage.

Optimizing workflows to serve customers faster

Automating the management of retail associates’ tasks improves the customer experience. With Connectalk’s VMAXSOR Task Management app, in-store retail associates can interact with their customers and staff easily. Associates can receive tasks on their mobile devices and post updates when these tasks are completed. Store managers receive reports on staff efficiency so they can better manage service in stores.

Safety for Employees and Customers

Safety within the store is key to ensuring a good customer experience while optimizing workflow efficiencies. The ability to quietly notify security personnel of risks through secure messaging applications provides them with required information while maintaining a quiet store environment. Spectralink devices include safety features such as panic button and built-in motion detectors and push-to-talk (PTT) capability.


Intelligent call routing

Intelligent call routing by Vertical Communications ensures that retailers never miss an opportunity to engage with their customers, allowing them to provide the best buying experience possible. Customer queries are routed to the right department quickly, and VIP customers enjoy highly personalized services. Retailers get the added benefit of capturing store and customer communications data to report on key metrics such as on-hold times and call abandon rates.

Retail analytics

BI helps retailers enhance decision-making to drive sales, streamline operations and reduce shrinkage. These applications track the impact of promotions, inventory, assortment, and more, integrating with other data sources to deliver higher levels of insight on the customer. Empower your retail team with more in-depth analysis and drive more profitable decisions in the areas of merchandising consumer engagement, and store operations.

Custom application integrators

Many retail applications are custom developed and proprietary. For those customers who develop their own apps, Spectralink works with experienced retail integrators that help to implement and deploy end-to-end retail solution for seamless integration and performance.


Retailers are turning to enterprise mobility solutions to engage with customers on the floor and create a more convenient and personalized in-store shopping experience. Robust MDM/EMM solutions provide centralized mobile access to monitor, control, and protect critical business data. This helps associates collect and share retail insights to better serve their clients.

Unified communications

Unified Communications connect associates with customers, colleagues, management, the supply chain, and all the applications they need to deliver a superior customer experience. Unified communications require devices that are designed with the requirements of mobile workers in the retail industry in mind.

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Applications such as these enable mobile retail workers to improve communication to better serve their customers, streamline store operations and expedite the supply chain process. Using a retail-optimized mobility solution like Spectralink can help you gain measurable efficiencies by enhancing in-store communication, better coordinating staff, improving task management, and optimizing inventory and distribution management.

Purpose build devices

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