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Healthcare Solutions

Secure Data Exchange

Healthcare teams handle vast amounts of sensitive and personal data from confidential patient records to genome and pathology data. Every opportunity to share health information comes with the risk of violating one or more patients’ health information (PHI) or having it stolen by an unscrupulous hacker. The sharing of information is critical and patients’ lives depend on it, so how does Spectralink ensure clinicians’ safety exchange critical information?

Spectralink devices let clinicians safely exchange critical information via real-time secure text messaging from partners like Imprivata, PerfectServe, TigerConnect, Spok, and Connexall. This enables hospitals to meet North American HIPAA-compliance standards while accessing lab results or monitoring surgeries. Caregivers can share the latest updates on their patients, knowing this information will always be safe and secure.

Secure Communications

Spectralink devices provide a conduit for secure text communications that protect Electronic Health/Medical records (EHR / EMR) while letting care teams safely exchange critical information in real-time.

  • Secure HIPPA-compliant and EU-RED Directive certified
  • More secure than consumer phone texting

Mobile Application Partners

Our Partners who offer secure data exchange and text messaging include:

secure messaging companies