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Healthcare Solutions

Clinical Alerting

What if a critical patient alert could find you, and not the other way around?

Alert and Alarm Notification ties medical and software systems together to support the immediacy of urgent patient needs. From both the patient’s alert that caregiver is needed for a particular service to life-threatening alarms that warn of immediate danger, Spectralink’s solutions, combined with our application partners, help save lives through real-time information exchange.

  • Connects to patient monitors, pumps, nurse call, etc.
  • Events are sent to the clinician’s mobile devices for immediate action.

Alerts and alarms are delivered directly to your Spectralink handset so you can concentrate on providing the best patient care possible and, at the same time, have the confidence that important information gets to you—wherever you are in the building.

This integration allows caregivers to:

  • Make immediate, informed decisions
  • Quickly consult with experts from anywhere in the building
  • Enable alarm prioritization and reduce footsteps
  • Manage alarm fatigue
  • Prioritize responses


  • Enhanced patient care
  • Improve patient satisfaction results
  • Streamlined communication
  • Cut down on unnecessary trips
  • Improved nurse productivity

Mobile Application Partners

Spectralink is proud to partner with leading EHR/EMR providers

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