Transfer function not working

8440 handsets on Aruba WiFi off an NEC SV8500.

With a call established, press 'Transfer', receive dial tone (original call goes on hold), dial another extension, 3rd party answers, wireless user presses 'End' and the 3rd caller is disconnected. The original call is still active (on Hold) but cannot be accessed by the 8440 user.

Any ideas?


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  • anon

    Hello meridianhealth,

    a good starting point is usually to provide the currently used software version as issue may be fixed in newer versions.

    In addition I would consult the Admin Guide matching your software version as the NEX SIP server may require a certain interoperability configuration.

    NEC should be able to advise you on the relevant paramters if they have done any interoperability testing.

    The voIpProt parameters may be of interest.

    Best Regards

    Steffen Baier

    Feb 03, 2015
  • anon
    Justin Borthwick

    The procedure for completing a transfer is not being followed properly which is why this isn't working as expected. What you're performing is a consultative transfer where you are going to speak with the 3rd party before completing the transfer. To complete the transfer you would press the transfer key again, not the End key. You can also use the Blind Transfer option which is available under the features flyout menu on the phone. This will not require you to speak with the recipient of the transfer but the process of completing the transfer is essentially the same. 

    Thank you,

    Feb 04, 2015
  • anon

    Thanks. Found a setting in the PBX that was causing the issue.

    Feb 06, 2015
  • anon

    Hello meridianhealth,

    could you kindly provide the solution so others can avoid having to search for this?


    Steffen Baier

    Feb 10, 2015