Hi guys,

As we've successfully implemented four spectralink 8440 (wifi) with lync 2013 during our office move, we've "faced" the feature music on hold.
As far as I've read the documentation, it's only possible to get music on hold working through our own streaming server/service, especially if we want to provide our own music on hold files.

Is someone out there who has implemented music on hold for the 8440s?
Is there any (maybe open source) product you want to recommend?

As I've figured out lync 2013 is not able to provide such a service, asterisk may be, but the documentation I've found for asterisk is old/imprecisely or wrong.

Any ideas/experiences are appreciated!


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  • anon

    Hello Moritz,

    not having yet had the time to try this in my own lab but you could attempt to use the voIpProt.SIP.musicOnHold.uri or reg.1.musicOnHold.uri parameter.

    For example: reg.1.musicOnHold.uri="3000@yourlyncserver.net"

    3000 in this case would be a MoH Extension on a Asterisk Server that has a SIP trunk to your LYNC.

    Lync would then refer the held call to 3000 and route this to your Asterisk Server.

    Give it a try

    Steffen Baier

    Jan 21, 2015