Call transfer not working

Hi, in our environment we have more than 50 spectralink 8440 phones, Lync Server 2010 and Audiocodes Gateway Mediant 1000. We have running firmware and on the spectralink phones. Media-Bypass on Lync Server is enabled. Everything is working fine with one exclusion: If a call is received via a lync response group on a spectralink phone the call is established successfully and the subscribers can hear each other perfectly. The issue is, if the subscriber with the Spectralink phone wants to transfer this call, he can not do this, because the Soft-Keys for transfer, hold, mute are not available. If I disable Media-Bypass, the problem has gone, the subkeys are showed correctly and the Spectralink-user can transfer calls properly. This issue occures independent of the firmware on the spectralink. Do you have any idea which parameter or configuration has to be done in order to solve this problem? Greetings from southern Germany, Tobi

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  • anon

    Did you find a resolution for this? I'm seeing this on 4.11 too.


    Oct 22, 2015