8440 red X

spectralink 8440


meru wireless controller MC4200

AP320 and AP832i

What is happenning is the phone is working fine, and then it just disconnect from the wifi network and fails to reconnect, this is a

intermittent issue and can happen in any location. There is a big red X at the top of the screen showing no connectivity, you have to reboot or take out the battery multiple times to have it connect or re-enter the WIFI password. Also if you wait 5 to 30 minutes it may reconnect, we see this with the current firmware and a older firmware also. ANy ideas or settings to fix this? is there a new firmware coming out soon?





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  • anon
    Justin Borthwick


    This is most likely the result of interaction between the WLAN and the phone and not really a software issue in the phone. What you describe sounds a lot like the phone is getting blacklisted by the WLAN or possibly even the phone blacklisting the AP's as a result of too many retries or other WLAN failures, such as missed packets or poor signal strength. You should look at your WLAN controller logs to see if there is any information about whether the client is being rejected or blocked. You can also look at the handset's app.log to see what is happening from the phone's perspective. You may need to increase the WLAN logging module in the phone to debug, level 0, and the WiFi Manager logging module, WIFI, to level 1. This will ensure you're seeing information about how the phone is interacting with the WLAN. 

    If you need assistance reading the logs or interpreting them then you'll need to open a ticket with your reseller or distributor for assistance.

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    Jan 20, 2015