The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio wireless solution is built on the international DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard, providing a cost-effective, highly secure, and reliable wireless telephony solution in an elegant design. Operating at 1.8/1.9 GHz, The modular nature of the Spectralink 7000 Portfolio allows customers to easily expand coverage, voice traffic, and number of users, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes to improve employee productivity, mobility, reaction time, and personal safety.

Spectralink 7000 Series Standard Handsets

The Spectralink 7000 standard handsets consist of a wide range of reliable and durable handsets in an elegant design for use in general office applications to the more demanding healthcare environments.

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Spectralink 7000 Series Infrastructure

The modular and flexible Spectralink DECT Infrastructure solutions provide high-quality voice_communication for small businesses to enterprise systems with up to 4,096 handsets.

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Spectralink 7000 Series Integration

The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio Infrastructure supports analog and IP interfaces to a wide variety of telephone systems. Spectralink supports direct interfaces to leading telephony platforms.

All Spectralink 7000 Portfolio solutions are based on an open protocol allowing messaging between the DECT Wireless Server, Spectralink 7000 Series handsets and third-party vertical market applications.