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EMS Sky Connect Keeps Customers Flying with Spectralink Wireless Voice Solutions

Busy executives need to stay productive, even when their office is 30,000 feet in the air and flying at 450 miles an hour across oceans, deserts, or polar ice caps.

That’s why corporate and private jet owners turn to EMS Sky Connect. The Takoma Park, Maryland-based company provides satellite-based tracking and voice systems for commercial and government customers. Sky Connect’s solutions tap into the Iridium global satellite communications network – the only network offering coverage of the entire Earth. That means Sky Connect customers are never out of reach.

Spectralink Wireless Solution is Music to Bang & Olufsen's Ears

A Spectralink DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) wireless telephony solution is supporting mobile staff at Bang & Olufsen (B&O) in Denmark and around Europe by enabling roaming communication that improves efficiency and controls telephony costs.

Spectralink Wireless Telephones Help Improve Patient Care at Anne Arundel Medical Center

Hospitals are constantly seeking to improve the care and attention they give their patients. One of the most effective ways to improve care is by enhancing the communication between patients and their caregivers. However, doctors and nurses are not always able to be as close at hand as they would like to be. They have to care for multiple patients, run samples to the lab, collect records, check other patients and accomplish a hundred other daily tasks.

Silverado Senior Living Boosts Resident Safety, Enhances Care with Spectralink Wireless Solutions

For nearly 15 years, Silverado Senior Living, Inc. has provided a full continuum of care through its Assisted Living, At-Home care and Hospice service lines. Specializing in dementia care, the company’s more than 2,000 associates and caregivers serve aging U.S. populations in the states of Arizona, California, Illinois, Texas, and Utah.

GIANT Food Stores Improves Customer Service with Spectralink Wireless Telephones

Picture the following scenario: Grocery shoppers are walking up and down supermarket aisles, listening to music on the overhead speakers while casually picking out their items. Then comes a noisy barrage of store employees, “Price check on aisle 12,” “Cleanup on aisle 4,” and “Manager needed at checkout 8.” These overhead disturbances interrupt the relaxed shopping atmosphere and disrupt the shopper’s experience, as well as slowdown the checkout process. Unfortunately, this scenario is commonplace in most supermarkets.