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Versity 95/96 Series enables communication, documentation, notification, and information on the move.

Designed with industry-optimized capabilities to provide mobile workers access to information in the palm of their hand, Versity 95/96 empowers employees to know more, do more, and accomplish more with a sleek, lightweight, and powerful tool. Certified with leading application partners and designed with capabilities including built-in Push-to-Talk, Spectralink SAFE functionality, hot-swappable battery, and optional scanner, Versity 95/96 is the all-in-one device to get the job done.

Versity 95/96 Series is Spectralink’s premium enterprise-grade smartphone solution. This best-in-class device is a perfect solution for voice-critical, zero downtime, rugged 24×7 environments that demand superior power and application functionality. Versity 95/96 Series improves work-life for users and leads to increased customer satisfaction.


  • Sleek and compact form factor fits easily in one hand or pocket
  • Rugged design to perform in harsh environments without
    damage from drops or cleaning solutions
  • Crystal clear, engineering optimized voice quality for communication in noisy environments
  •  Built-in scanner (9553 & 9653 versions) for fast and accurate barcode scanning, even in low light

Versity 95/96 Series Enables Workforce Productivity

Versity 95/96 supports leading applications, including paging, messaging, voice recognition, alarms, secure messaging, single sign-on, and location services for uninterrupted communication on the move. Spectralink mobile application partners offer access to a wide range of communication and industry-specific applications that ensure greater efficiency and real-time communication for mobile workers. Vertical specific applications include nurse call, patient monitoring, inventory control, and access to hotel service systems. Plus, Versity 95/96 has access to the broad collection of Android-based applications, including Google Mobile Services, to ensure technology stays current.

Mission-critical availability

  • Versity 95/96 offers the only true hot-swappable battery in the industry. Users can swap out the battery while using an app or on a call without missing a beat. This means zero downtime and no lapses in mission-critical operations or communications.
  •  Versity 95/96 Series’ superior engineering provides optimized “anywhere communication” with in-building Wi-Fi, LTE*, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC, giving you all the wireless connections you could ever need. No need to stay tied to a landline, find a phone to answer an overhead page, or worry about losing a call or information access on the move.
  •  Versity 95/96 Series SAFE or ‘man down’ features provide workers with the reassurance of safety anywhere on the job.

Mobile Analytics Platform

Avoid downtime and optimize operations with AMIE™, Spectralink’s enterprise mobility intelligence solution for IT and telecommunications administrators. We developed AMIE to provide answers and solutions to the biggest questions and concerns like battery management, device location, and device performance. The AMIE dashboard streamlines deployments diagnoses fleet issues and assesses call performance to keep mobile workflows operating smoothly.

Why Our Voice Quality is Superior

  • Engineering-optimized chipsets. Unstable chipsets lead to seconds of lost audio, a delayed ring, or a missed ring altogether, which negatively impacts voice critical environments like patient care or customer service where every second counts.
  • Enhanced roaming and scanning between access points. Most other devices use a radio connected to certain frequencies to determine access points. Instead, your Spectralink device is constantly communicating with Access Points (AP) on the Wi-Fi network to understand if they have a good connection and if not, roaming to a better AP as quickly as possible.
  • Spectralink Wi-Fi device focuses on QoS (Quality of Service) and can identify when you’re on a call to ensure that voice is always prioritized over data.
  • Optimized microphone design and placement for noise suppression and echo cancellation on every call. Mobile workers in fast-paced environments do not need to worry about sweat or makeup clogging a microphone and can ensure clear communication on every call, even in noisy environments.

What makes Versity 95 the most rugged?

  • From scratch and shatter-proof Gorilla™ glass to recessed screen to reinforced design, Versity 95/96 is tough right out of the box without the need for protective cases. Versity 95/96 Series can withstand more than 26 drop cycles from 6 feet high onto a steel plate.
  • Versity 95/96 Series is IP68 rated – it’s dustproof and water-resistant. You could submerge your Versity 95/96 in water, and calls will still come through! It can withstand UV sanitization and can also be cleaned with hospital-grade cleaners that degrade competitive or consumer devices. And, Versity 95/95 works in harsh temperature environments, from 32 – 104 degrees F, 0 – 40 degrees C.

With Spectralink you get:

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  • Market-leading enterprise wireless voice. With our proprietary noise suppression and echo cancellation
    capabilities (Voice Quality Optimization™, or VQO™) you get crystal clear voice quality you can count on
  • Access to our world-class ecosystem of application partners to ensure your workers have the tools they need to get the job done
  • The best call control UC interoperability in the industry – 30+ years of experience integrating with leading UC platforms

Use Cases

How Versity 95/96 can support your industry

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