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Are your IT Administrators looking to have better visibility into your fleet?

Post-deployment issues are often a big concern of adopting a new enterprise mobility solution.

​You need an assistant to help you:

  • Operational transparency with real-time device health monitoring
  • Know where your devices are, who has them and where
  • Know when batteries need replacing or when devices need to be taken out of service for repair
  • Alert you when there is a problem with device utilization
  • Assess whether or not there is an issue with the device or network
  • See which access points are dropping the calls
  •  Have a high-level overview of your fleet status, users, and overall call performance

How mobile device management helps manage your Wi-Fi devices

This is where AMIE for Wi-Fi comes in

With customer feedback on the biggest problems they face, we’ve developed AMIE, our mobile intelligence dashboard, to provide answers and solutions to your biggest questions and concerns.AMIE keeps Spectralink solutions running smoothly, increasing efficiency and keeping you focused on your core business.

How AMIE helps

  • Helps manage your fleet in a shared environment
  • Protects your investment in Spectralink devices and applications 
  • Gives greater return on enterprise mobility investment and overall corporate ROI. 
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Safeguards call quality
  • Reduces complexity
  • Allows you to customize applications at the system level
  • Saves money and time by resolving device issues before they happen

AMIE Essentials

AMIE Essentials empowers your team to take charge of your Spectralink smart devices with fast deployment, centralized device administration
and application control.

AMIE Essentials works in conjunction with your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software by providing a detailed level of control of the enterprise features of the Versity smartphone.

AMIE Essentials includes:
• License for Spectralink Utility Applications
— Spectralink utility applications: Sys Updater, VQO, Logging, WebAPI,
Device settings and Lens Grid.
• Spectralink Application Management Console (SAM)
• Access to Spectralink utility application(s) provisioning through EMM
• SAM client for Spectralink smartphones

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AMIE Advanced

AMIE Advanced empowers your team to keep your Spectralink smart devices running smoothly with device configuration management, health
monitoring, utilization metrics, and call performance analytics.

AMIE provides easy device configuration management and a detailed look at the health of the Versity smartphone including battery life, device utilization tracking, and call quality monitoring.

AMIE Advanced includes:
• AMIE Analytics software module and AMIE client for the Versity smartphone
• Plus, AMIE Essentials with:
– Device provisioning, Application Management, OTA server software, Utility applications & license (Sys Updater, VQO, Logging, Device Settings), Web API, and access to Spectralink utility applications configuration and
– provisioning through an EMM.

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