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How do you manage it all?

As the IT Manager of a large enterprise with several servers, hundreds of base stations, and maybe thousands of users and handsets, any downtime or problem can be critical to the running of the business and can cost money and productivity.

You need an assistant to help you:

  • Automate and schedule backups of all your IP Servers and base stations centrally from one location
  • Provide a high-level overview of your entire DECT system
  • Drill down into specific locations or groups to see more detailed information on status and performance
  • Be alerted when there is a problem with the resource load on a given server
  • Monitor and control handset users from a centralized system
  • Make sure that your IP-DECT network is running smoothly and is properly set up so that you can provide always-on communications and quick and competent support to resolve any issues

This is where AMIE for IP-DECT comes in

AMIE  is a cloud-based service that can handle large enterprise DECT systems. It provides centralized administration and control for servers, base stations, and handset by taking over the centralized role and providing you with a simple web user interface that allows you to manage your enterprise DECT system in a far more user-friendly manner.

AMIE for IP-DECT consists of a centralized dashboard that provides a full operational view of your Spectralink DECT System. From here you get a summary of how your IP-DECT Networks are performing by location including the status of servers, base stations, and handsets.

You can proactively monitor alerts, increase operational efficiency, and solve problems before issues occur with better access to IP-DECT network performance information.

How AMIE helps

Save time and resources to deploy, provision, configure and maintain your entire DECT network with centralized management

  • Rollout new firmware for multiple servers, base stations, and handsets with a single click
  • Configure, backup, and restore servers including copy and paste
  • Enable/disable handsets and register/delete users
  • Simple verification of software compliance across the DECT network 
  • Automate backups and remotely restore for simple disaster recovery

Avoid disruption and downtime. Always know the status of your servers and base stations, including call volume and distribution.

  • Easily view system status across all serves, base stations, handsets and users
  • Proactive alerts make it quick and easy to react to and solve issues
  • Monitor system utilization versus capacity to ensure there are enough resources for business-critical voice communication

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