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DECT PBX Integration

The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio supports analog and IP interfaces to a wide variety of telephone systems. Spectralink supports direct interfaces to leading telephony platforms. The interfaces deliver most of the features and functions of a wired desk phone.

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Analog Interfaces

DECT Solutions support basic call functionality

IP Interfaces

DECT Solutions have been tested against leading PBX providers

Spectralink 7000 Series Application Integration

All Spectralink 7000 Portfolio solutions are based on an open protocol allowing messaging between the DECT infrastructure, Spectralink 7000 Series handsets and third-party vertical market applications.

Value beyond Voice

When integrating an application program with your wireless telephony solution you are really allowing for your handset to become more than just a telephone – instead it becomes a valuable versatile tool to assist you in many activities throughout the workday.

{{title type = "h3" underline = "0"}}Key Benefits{{/title}}
  • Employee productivity as text messages allows employees to have better access to the information they need to perform their tasks
  • Improved reaction time as text messages and alarm notifications ensure immediate reaction in situations where lives may be at stake
  • Increased safety as detectors and alarm notifications ensure immediate arrangement of assistance and personal safety
  • Increased security as automatic alerts notify if man down, no movement or running is registered
  • Reduced production downtime as automatic alarm notifications ensures immediate reaction the minute a machine failure occurs

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