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Technology Details

The robust design of the IP 64 -compliant handsets ensures that the handsets are resistant to dirt, dust, and splashing water. The handsets come with a complete set of specialized features prepared for third-party applications that can be tailored to meet the business needs of a variety of organizations.

The Spectralink 7622 and 7642 offer a range of safety features. The integrated alarm button and specially designed color-coded alarm icons ensure immediate reaction in critical situations.

The high-quality TFT color display provides a clear view from all angles. To improve communication in noisy environments, the handsets have a headset jack with amplifier for industrial headsets as well as a vibrator that makes the handsets ideal for environments where a ringtone may not be enough to detect incoming calls and messages.

Spectralink 7622 Handset

The Spectralink 7622 handset is highly durable, designed specifically for manufacturing environments, and comes with a range of features such as an alarm button, color display, and manufacturing-specific alarm icons.

Spectralink 7642 Handset

The Spectralink 7642 handset extends the capabilities of the Spectralink 7622 handset. Automatic alarms such as man down, no movement, and running detection ensures maximum safety. Lone workers and people at risk can immediately get help based on automatic alarms that get triggered by the handset’s motion detectors or tear-off string.

Spectralink 7622, 7642

• TFT color display:
– 65,000 colors
– Eight lines of text/icons
– 128×160 pixels
• Date and time in display*
• Four-way navigation key
• Auto key lock
• Auto login – roaming between 15 different installations
• Alarm key – ready for application**
• Speed dial
• 12 different ringtones and adjustable ring volume
• Special ring tones for noisy environments
• Adjustable alerting volume (low battery/low coverage/ incoming message)
• Alerting on silent mode (display flash, vibrator, or short ring)
• Headset jack with amplifier for industrial headsets
• Speaker on auto-answer
• Loud speaker/handsfree
• Vibrating alert
• Telephone book with 350 entries
• Call list of incoming/missed/received calls
• Call list saved in non-volatile memory (up to 40 calls)
• Task list saved in non-volatile memory (up to 50 tasks)**
• Messaging (180 characters)*
• Alarm icons and messaging**
• LED**
• Handset Sharing***
• Full Slot DECT radio
• Software Update Over The Air (SUOTA)*
• Configuration Over the Air (COTA)*
• 15 menu languages (UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, NL, CZ, PL, DK, NO, SV, FI, PT, RU, TR)
• Subscriptions supported: 15
Spectralink 7642 Additional Features
• Bluetooth headset connection
• Tear-off string**
• Man down detector**
• No movement detector**
• Running detector**
• Automatic Alarm Call ***

* System dependent feature. See Feature Reference Guide on support pages at for details.
** Application dependent feature.
*** License required.

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