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Spectralink SYNC Partners

Spectralink SYNC Partners were chosen for their expertise to jointly deliver critical applications and interoperability for Spectralink customers. These partners integrate Spectralink’s solutions to provide seamless interoperability with Wi-Fi networks, call control platforms and value-added applications to deliver against the customer’s critical business needs.

  • Spectralink VIEW Program - The Spectralink VIEW program (Voice Interoperability for Enterprise Wireless) certifies its partners to provide customers with proven Wi-Fi telephony solutions using enterprise-class WLAN infrastructure products and Spectralink's 8000 Portfolio solutions. Read More
  • Spectralink CSI Program - The Spectralink CSI program (Call Server Integrators) tests the telephony integration and infrastructure to ensure that Spectralink solutions, work on the communication platforms you use. Read More
  • Spectralink AIMS Program - Spectralink AIMS program (Application, Integration, and Management Solutions) makes it easier for application providers and mobile device managers (MDMs) around the world to extend the functionality and customization of Spectralink solutions. Read More