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If your deskless workers need to roam and stay in contact across an entire campus, without any network blind spots and without risk of dropped calls, then Spectralink multi-cell DECT is the right choice.   

Spectralink multi-cell DECT provides total on-premise roaming. With coverage enabling workers the freedom to move around yet stay connected on calls and responsive to alarms and messaging, Spectralink multi-cell DECT works no matter where their daily tasks take them including other departments, floors, or even buildings. As deskless workers move throughout the site, their handset will automatically connect to the next nearest base station for uninterrupted connectivity, excellent voice quality, and to prevent dropped calls. Multi-cell is vastly different than single-cell because even if deploying multiple single-cell solutions, the handsets will only register to the original cell, and mobile workers cannot roam out of the base station range without losing connectivity.  

We are experts at DECT deployment and help ensure base stations are placed strategically throughout your organization to provide blanket coverage without dead zones so call hand-offs will be seamless while roaming. This means consistent and clear call quality so your deskless workers are always connected and contactable. 

Few competitors can compete with the capabilities of our multi-cell DECT solution. Our DECT portfolio is robust and future-proof with scalability to expand communication as your business grows without a significant upgrade to infrastructure. We offer infrastructure options to cover small to medium-size businesses, whole sites, or businesses across multiple locations on one system.  Spectralink base stations provide excellent coverage resulting in a better value for your investment, and our range of wireless servers are scalable to support up to 20,000 users.  

Not only does Spectralink have world-class Multi-cell DECT solutions, but we are also certified to the highest level of security on the market to safeguard information and calls, and our systems protect staff and lone workers with alerts and alarms or critical messaging, man down or staff duress.  

To extend communication capabilities, Spectralink DECT has the broadest compatibility with legacy systems. We are certified and interoperate with all leading enterprise phone systems and UCaaS platforms including Cisco, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. We help support the transition from legacy PBX to hosted or cloud calling services, including customers consolidating existing PBXs and moving to MS Teams. Running on open standards, Spectralink DECT servers can integrate with a long list of third-party alarms and messaging applications and can be customized to your business need.  

To make the lives of the IT and telecommunications admins managing your Spectralink DECT system easier, we offer AMIE® a cloud-based management platform that allows you to monitor your IP-DECT servers, base stations, and handsets. AMIE provides centralized provisioning, detailed analytics of system performance, automated and scheduled tasks, and proactive alerts when the infrastructure needs attention. 

If you are unhappy with your existing DECT deployment and want to deploy a Spectralink multi-cell DECT solution, contact our sales team today to inquire about a site survey.  And check out Spectralink DECT deployment Success Stories here.