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Spectralink is the leader in world-class IP-DECT enterprise solutions. Our solutions feature flexible and scalable infrastructure delivering high-quality and secure voice communications to deskless workers across your enterprise whether one site or many. With a comprehensive IP-DECT solution, seamless migration for old cabling to UC and IP, industry-leading security, and cloud-based system management, we make mobility work for your enterprise 

You need a reliable, scalable, and secure mobile communication solution for your enterprise. Here are 10 reasons why Spectralink DECT is the right solution:   

1. Unparalleled enterprise multi-cell DECT performance 

  •  Full mobility so workers can roam freely without losing connectivity 
  •  Highly scalable infrastructure that supports up to 20,000 users 
  •  30+ years of experience building industry-leading enterprise DECT solutions 
  •  Durable handsets are specifically built for key verticals ensuring the right devices are in the hands of the right users

2. Industry-leading Infrastructure 

  •  The efficiently designed infrastructure supports more users with fewer base stations 
  •  Physically and geographically large and complex sites are our specialty
  •  Our DECT Server Series includes a range of flexible and scalable wireless servers for businesses of all sizes
  •  We offer the first virtual IP-DECT server, VIP-DECT Server One, on the market

3. Best-in-class communication experience for mobile workers 

  •  Industry-leading voice experience for deskless workers means crystal clear communication anywhere on site
  •  High-quality voice experience includes echo and noise cancellation for noisy environments over a highly reliable dedicated network 
  •  Spectralink DECT handsets go beyond just voice with options for messaging and alarms integrations 

4. Safety and security are top priorities 

  •  Our DECT solutions are certified to the highest level of security on the market to safeguard information and calls on secured devices and networks
  •  End-to-End IP Security (SRTP/TLS) and double encryption standards to meet your strictest security policies 
  •  We are one of few DECT manufacturers with lone-worker solutions to protect staff with alerts and alarms, man down, or other emergency situations
  •  Open APIs for value-added applications in key verticals to increase safety and protection of staff, like EG fire Panel integration, evacuation alerts, and location tracking in hazardous environments 

 5. Experts in UCaaS migration

  •  As experts in cloud migration, we support your move from legacy PBXs to new hosted/cloud calling and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms without having to re-cable 
  •  Our deep integration with the leading UCaaS vendors like Microsoft Teams, Cisco, RingCentral, and Zoom is unmatched 
  •  We offer the broadest compatibility with legacy systems

6. Award-winning dashboard for centralized cloud management  

  •  AMIE® Advanced for IP-DECT provides a single user-friendly interface for monitoring and configuring your entire DECT system with automatic alerts and service level reporting
  •  Manage servers, base stations, and handsets with ease 
  •  Simplify deployment with software updates and configuration over the air 
  •  Resolve system issues without manually and physically troubleshooting 

7. Best lifetime value 

  •  We support old cabling for easy deployments without re-wiring, so you don’t have to replace legacy infrastructure
  •  Flexible solutions that are scalable and future-proof
  •  Easy system serviceability and durable handsets

8. Unmatched Services Offering  

  •  We are trusted by hundreds of global enterprise customers 
  •  The experience and expertise of our Professional Services team is the difference between us and the competition
  •  We work tirelessly to reduce risk and complexity, lower costs, and accelerate time to value
  •  No one can offer better deployment support than our services team

9. Our DECT systems have open integration with leading application platforms 

  •  Interoperable by design to ensure businesses can use vertical-specific productivity apps and tools seamlessly across devices
  •  Our DECT servers integrate with a long list of third-party applications and can be customized to your business needs 
  •  Precise location tracking available for business applications

10. An easy way for Managed Service Providers to offer DECT mobility 

  •  Efficiently support multi-site operations with cloud-deployed and managed DECT as a Service
  •  Offer flexible and highly secure DECT solutions to hundreds of companies at a time
  •  Centralized management through AMIE allows you to configure and deploy remotely

Still, have questions about Spectralink DECT? Contact our knowledgeable sales team here