Today we announced some major enhancements to our PIVOT smartphone product line. We didn’t decide to develop these features and services randomly or just to keep our engineers busy. These enhancements are a direct result of listening to our customers and leveraging their feedback to continually improve the overall experience using PIVOT handsets.

One of the things we announced is a new addition to the PIVOT portfolio: the PIVOT:SC with an integrated camera. The original PIVOT models don’t have a camera because it wasn’t that long ago when customers were concerned about privacy issues with camera phones, especially in hospitals where the importance of protecting patient information is critical.  But with the availability of secure mobile applications that support attaching images, now pictures can be sent using secure text messaging and attached to patient records.

We’ve also responded to our customers’ input on ways to make our PIVOT smartphones easier to deploy and carry. We’re launching an updated management solution, CMS 2.0, which speeds up the provisioning process and is a platform for future management capabilities that will lower TCO. Additionally, we’ve developed new carrying accessories to fit the individual needs and preferences of all kinds of users.

The final thing I want to highlight from our announcement is our support for Android™ OS version 5.1.1 (aka Lollipop).  Keeping up with Android OS versions is not a trivial task, but it is critical for us to be able to support the growing ecosystem of Android applications used today or that will be used tomorrow by our customers. Going through the extra effort to have PIVOT devices certified by Google is further evidence of our commitment to our customers to ensure they have a device that can support their mission-critical applications without any caveats or concerns.

Kathy Sierra, a video game programmer and programming instructor once said, “The secret to building great products is not creating awesome features, it’s to make your users awesome.” We think our users are awesome and we love to get their feedback on how we can give them the mobile solutions they need and deserve.

By Craig Kaiser

Senior Product Manager, Smartphones


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  • anon
    Tom Melnyk

    Great article. Not only are the phones a better fit with their patented VQO built in, durability & dependability the overall TCO no matter how you look at it will only be an extra $30-$50/mo more per handset including service vs any one of the competitors in the BYOD mkt (depending on your negotiation skills & size of the organization you are working with). I am certain & I am sure most families would agree that with any hospital they go to, the SLNK device should be mandated to be used! All of the other benefits with the hospital staff are a plus & make the WorkSmart device help employees do just that! Let alone the peace of mind for the doctor-patient confidentiality. Also with the enterprise or SMB work place, I am sure most C level execs, managers & co-workers would find that it is worth an extra few dollars to have your information secure to knock off any hacks that are trying to get in to your business. Lets face it, an extra $30-$50 a month for most Americans, is one or two less cocktails/cups of coffee a month! SpendSmart & WorkSmart with Spectralink!!!

    Feb 23, 2016

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