Roger Ebert said “a review should reflect the immediate experience”. In the case of a consumer technology reviewer looking at the PIVOT:S enterprise device, the immediate experience isn’t five stars. This is not surprising. The attributes that make the PIVOT:S handset ideal for users in hospitals, home improvement stores, and factories are not going to excite a consumer electronics reviewer.

The review I’m speaking of was by James Archer of V3, one of the top UK technology news sites. James did an excellent job of evaluating the PIVOT:S just as he has for smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and others. In that context, PIVOT:S got kudos for its enterprise manageability, durability, and its SAFE application for worker safety. The things he dinged it for were centered around consumer smartphone expectations, specifically processor, memory, and display size. In reality, the PIVOT:S performance is more than suitable for our targeted applications such as secure texting, task management, and database access. Our users don’t care about watching movies or playing games.

Fortunately, James didn’t call it ugly. We don’t claim that PIVOT:S is as sleek and sexy as an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy S6, but if his test routine included dropping the device down the stairs, wiping it down with heavy-duty cleaning agents, and seeing if it was still in use in a few years then those devices might not look so good either.

I fully agree with James’ final conclusion – “Just don’t try playing Crossy Road on it.” That’s not why our customers invest in PIVOT:S devices. But I don’t expect him to end his next snazzy consumer smartphone review with “Just don’t try using it 24x7 in a mission-critical environment for the next three years.”

By Ben Guderian

Senior Director, Product Line Management


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