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worker safety From smartphones and tablet computers to kiosks and watches, the ability to interact with the data on devices at the swipe of a finger instead of “at the push of a button” has created a more direct and interactive experience with data.  While the traditional physical button may have taken a bit of a backseat, it is still a critical passenger in the vehicle, and absolutely serves its purpose.  The beauty of the button is found in its simplicity.  It is always located in the exact same location and is typically associated with performing a singular function such as rendering a character, powering on a device, or activating a barcode scanner. But what if it could also serve as a lifeline?

At Spectralink, we build mobile devices for frontline and deskless workers. And, like our customers, we are concerned about their safety first and foremost.  For this reason, our Versity 92 and Versity 95 Series smartphones include a red emergency or alarm button located at the top of each device that links to the Spectralink SAFE application.  SAFE is activated by either a long single press or short double press of this red button, and when activated, can be configured to trigger an alarm and/or automatically place a call to a pre-programmed emergency number.  Because not all emergencies require the same response, the emergency button is also programable via an API so you can tailor the appropriate response to each situation.

Having these safety features accessible via this physical alarm button instead of just a softkey is critical for many reasons. First, device users become very familiar with the physical form factor of their phones, including where the few physical buttons are located and can instinctively reach for the alarm button when in duress. Second, this button can be pressed quickly, quietly, and easily in stressful emergency situations, and workers can summon help without having to key in any emergency phone numbers or scroll for emergency contacts. Third, suppose the primary user of the device is incapacitated and needs to summon help. In that case, others can press the red panic button without needing a fingerprint, sign-on, or voice access.

Versity smartphones are also equipped with motion sensors that integrate with the Spectralink SAFE application to detect if a user is running, has fallen, or is not moving.  Spectralink Versity smartphones provide high levels of personal safety so mobile workers who are injured or are in dangerous situations have a quick and dependable way to summon help anywhere on the job.  On the go, unable to move, or even incapacitated—Spectralink safety features enable lone and mobile workers to quickly summon help, and offers peace of mind on the job.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the Versity’s red alarm button and SAFE application works:

And, for more information on the Versity smartphone family, visit:

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