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Supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages and consumer demand for digital efficiency have placed enormous pressure on businesses. One of the best ways to take on these challenges is to equip your team with enterprise smartphones designed specifically for the demands of your industry.

Enterprise smartphones from Spectralink provide the data and collaboration tools frontline workers need to keep customers happy. That’s true whether they work on a sales floor, at a service desk, in a hospitality venue or all around your warehouse. Let’s take a look at how Spectralink smartphones are transforming customer experiences in retail, hospitality and manufacturing.

Cutting-Edge Retail Services

Inventory management
Inventory can be difficult to manage across stores and warehouses – especially with unwanted supply chain issues. Empowering your sales staff with Spectralink smartphones equipped with barcode scanners and cloud-based retail software gives them instant access to valuable inventory information. This makes it easier to keep shelves stocked and customers apprised of what’s available where and how to get it.

Sales staff expertise
Smartphones help transform retail associates into customer service ninjas. Your retail customers are using mobile phones to access product information right in the store. To provide stellar shopping experiences, your staff needs to be able to do the same. By using advanced retail applications on their Spectralink smartphones, your team can quickly share product information, locate items in other locations, arrange deliveries or even provide a mobile point-of-sale.

Omnichannel performance
Retail smartphones make it easy to keep your online and in-store activities working in harmony. If your store is out of a product, Spectralink smartphones enable sales associates to assist customers with ordering it online. Or if customers shopped at your online store and want in-store pickup, they make sure your sales staff is ready to facilitate. Fulfilling orders and in-store pickups is easier when all of the tools your employees need are neatly consolidated into one device.

Exquisite Hospitality Experiences

Smartphones are ideal for hospitality staff who work in hotels, conference centers, cruise ships, entertainment venues and restaurants. It takes a coordinated effort across many different departments to ensure positive guest experiences. Food service, cleaning crews, reception and maintenance all have to work closely together.

Spectralink smartphones integrate with third-party applications to help you manage and coordinate your staff. They’re ideal for handling schedules and shift changes. They also help you engage guests during and after their stay. From a mobile app, guests can request services, access information, or check in and out. Enabling communication on Spectralink mobile platforms helps your staff anticipate and respond faster to the needs of your guests.

Optimized Manufacturing Performance

Warehouse and factory teams work with production processes and equipment that are connected to smart sensors and other devices that collect data. Enterprise smartphones are an ideal way to access and leverage all of this data. By placing tools and information right at workers’ fingertips, they greatly simplify tasks that previously required time-consuming checks, back-and-forth conversations or even guesswork.

Purpose-built smartphones enable your team to process deliveries, access product records, track inventory and keep detailed notes about important operational activities. They also help them instantly access production line information and determine when to schedule service downtime. All of these useful tools help maximize operational efficiency, so customers get the goods they want when they want them.

Deliver quality customer experiences with Spectralink

Spectralink smartphones address the needs of a wide range of businesses by integrating with industry-leading applications that improve coordination, communication and access to information. Our fully interoperable, end-to-end mobile solutions will give your frontline workers the tools and functionality they need to work more efficiently and deliver truly exceptional customer experiences.

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