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The Spectralink team is always working hard to enhance our Versity smartphone with new functionality to support the needs of our customers. The latest software release for Versity includes several exciting new features purpose-built to help customers maximize their enterprise mobility investment.

One key feature in this release is single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Single sign-on for Versity integrates Biz Phone, Spectralink’s SIP telephony app, with third-party identity management solutions to enable end users to quickly and securely access critical applications and workflows with a single login. SSO is useful for enterprise settings, especially fast-paced environments such as hospitals where caregivers require immediate access to secure data and need to be able to communicate with patients and staff quickly and reliably. Less time spent logging into multiple applications means more time can be spent providing lifesaving care to patients.

The first third-party identity management solution to be certified on the Versity smartphone is Imprivata® Mobile Device Access (IMDA) which utilizes Imprivata’s OneSign® technology. To achieve this certification and enable SSO functionality on Versity, the Spectralink team worked closely with Imprivata to test the new feature at a large public hospital serving more than 500,000 people in Canberra, Australia.

The SSO Status app is Spectralink’s interface to the IMDA app. It is responsible for configuring Biz Phone to log in based on the credentials it receives from IMDA.

“The release of SSO functionality with Imprivata is a great example of Spectralink’s collaborative values,” said Camilo Lopez, Sr. Product Manager, Wi-Fi Product Line at Spectralink. “Working together, the Spectralink team was able to develop and validate a key functionality requested by our customers with a short turnaround time and great results.”

The joint solution offering by Spectralink and Imprivata is just one of many successes made possible through Spectralink’s Application Integration and Management Solutions (AIMS). Established in 2014, the AIMS program provides a collaborative environment for partners and Spectralink to work together to integrate and enrich solutions for enterprise customers in key industries such as healthcare.

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