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By greg henry, director of retail business development

Having spent the last 30 years designing and implementing mobile computing solutions for a wide variety of companies, it has been my good fortune to have been on the front line of many technology advancements (DOS, CE, Android, Wi-Fi, imaging, RFID and so on).  In addition to advancing technologies, the industry also advanced its’ vocabulary.  In the early days, the industry referred to itself as “Automated Data Capture” and the devices themselves were described as scanners or portable data terminals.  Over the years, the technology advancements have expanded our capabilities and how we identify ourselves, and devices have evolved to reflect these new capabilities.  Regardless of what we call ourselves or the actual devices (PDT’s, handheld terminals, mobile computers, or smartphones), at our core we have always focused on improving user productivity and decision-making by connecting users with enterprise information.

Interestingly, the adoption curve for each technology advancement occurred in two stages.  In the initial stage, new technologies arrive to the market as single purpose devices.  The first mobile computer had limited data entry and interface capabilities, the first barcode and RFID scanners were peripherals that required connection to a computing device, and the first wireless handsets and feature phones only provided two-way voice communication.  Over time, technologies that represent significant market value are converged or integrated into existing devices to reduce cost, complexity and, if done correctly, extend the technologies’ value proposition by further increasing user productivity. This convergence phase is the second phase in the adoption curve.  A great example of this second stage was the convergence of the barcode scanner and the mobile computer into what became known as the gun-shape mobile computer over 20 years ago.

So, how does a Spectralink solution fit in?

Spectralink’s Versity Family of enterprise-grade mobile smartphones

Recently, Spectralink raised the bar in mobile computing convergence with the release of a the Versity Family of smartphones, including our Versity 95 Series and our Versity 92 Series.  These new devices contain the leading Android mobile computer features (rugged ergonomic enclosure, barcode scanning, high resolution camera, Android 10, etc.) with Spectralink’s advanced voice communication capabilities.  The result is a mobile computer/smartphone that supports all data and application workflows with Spectralink’s world class voice quality, PBX and UCaaS integration in leading industries such as Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Leisure. This means that your frontline workers no longer need to locate, manage, and carry multiple devices to accomplish their daily tasks and purchasing and IT staff members have fewer devices to purchase and support.

To learn more about our Versity Series of smartphones and how voice and data convergence is changing the landscape in Retail, Healthcare, and beyond, visit



Greg Henry, Spectralink’s Director of Retail Development, is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years of experience in the wireless and mobile computing industry. He brings a depth of retail experience focused on empowering front line worker productivity and increasing customer service capabilities.

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