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In its recent global survey of enterprise mobile decision-makers, VDC Research found that organizations are turning to mobility to achieve a growing number of business-critical goals, from enhancing worker productivity (36%) and revenue growth (29%) to enabling more informed decision-making (27%) and competitive differentiation (26%).

As the strategic importance of enterprise mobility rises, so does the need for enterprise-caliber, purpose-built solutions that can effectively deliver. And yet, many organizations continue to rely on consumer-grade mobile devices that don’t measure up to the demands of their business-critical workflows, challenging work environments, or 24/7 performance needs. And these shortcomings can lead to hefty costs that range from device repairs and replacement to lost productivity, which can dramatically drive up your solution’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our infographic will look at the critical factors you should consider when calculating the true TCO of your current or potential enterprise mobile solution.