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So much of the patient experience has little to do with actual healthcare. Even when patients receive stellar care, little things can set them off. If they experience long wait times, poor medical coordination or inadequate phone communication, they are likely to feel frustrated and may even search for another provider.

Logistical challenges can be difficult to overcome in healthcare. It’s hard to forecast how long each examination will take, what supplies or equipment will be needed, or which staff members or other facilities will need to be involved. When these hard-to-anticipate challenges start to pile up, patients pay with their time.

This is why Spectralink has designed communication solutions for the specific needs of medical care facilities. Our mobile devices help streamline workflows for doctors, nurses and staff. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways our purpose-built smartphones empower medical professionals to deliver the highest quality of care and improve the patient experience.

#1 – Shorter waiting room times

Patients often require the attention and resources of many clinical staff members and departments. They might need to wait for a medical assistant to take their vitals, a nurse to locate supplies, a doctor to access their records or a tech to prepare an X-ray room.

Because they replace legacy desktop computer systems and manual processes, specially built medical smartphones from Spectralink are able to make many organizational and logistical problems a thing of the past. They make it easy for your team to:

  • • Coordinate treatment plans
  • • Schedule tests and scans
  • • Reserve rooms or equipment
  • • Check supply inventory

Empowering your clinical staff with smartphones streamlines a wide variety of time-consuming tasks. And the more efficient your clinical workflows become, the shorter patients have to wait around to receive quality care.

# 2 – Better informed and coordinated staff

Spectralink smartphones are designed to ensure that your clinical staff can quickly access and share patient health information. This includes electronic health records, intake information, lab tests, prescriptions and real-time monitoring data.

By improving access to vital information, medical smartphones ensure that all of your clinical staff remain up to speed with the needs of each patient. This is particularly valuable when patients are moving between examination, medical imaging and operating rooms. It also facilitates seamless handoffs during staff shift changes.

Getting your entire care team on the same page with processes and treatment plans helps your facility provide the best possible care for your patients.

# 3 – Open lines of communication

Medical treatments often require your staff to communicate with patients by phone or messaging. This can be frustrating to patients who can wait days before their caregiver gets in touch with a response to their question or concern.

Spectralink smartphones simplify communication with patients by ensuring compliant provider-patient telehealth communications. Thanks to secure messaging and secure, crystal-clear phone connections, your staff can rest assured that they are following important protocols as they keep patients informed. It’s one more reason why healthcare smartphones help build trust with your patients.

Smartphones designed with patients in mind

At Spectralink, we pay close attention to the needs of your clinical staff and your patients. Our mobile devices are specially designed to enhance workflows so you can provide exceptional care and superb patient experiences.

Contact us to receive more information on how our purpose-built healthcare solutions can help your staff offer patients fast, efficient and more personalized care.

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