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A shared commitment to leading-edge WLAN solutions

Spectralink’s VIEW program is an elite network of leading-edge Wi-Fi manufacturers who share our commitment to deliver exceptional enterprise WLAN deployments that deliver excellent voice quality, seamless access point handoff, efficient bandwidth management and robust network security.

To qualify for VIEW certification, partners undergo rigorous product testing that ensures their Wi-Fi products meet enterprise-grade performance criteria for voice quality, security, capacity and roaming. These best-of-breed, enterprise-class infrastructure products combine with Spectralink’s industry-leading mobile devices to provide proven telephony solutions that ensure the highest-quality VoWLAN experience.

VIEW delivers clear customer benefits


Spectralink’s proven interoperability with the leading enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points gives customers more flexibility to choose the best-of-breed products that meet their network communications needs.


Our rigorous performance requirements and through testing earn customers confidence when deploying even the most complex wireless communications solutions over Wi-Fi networks.


We test and validate industry-leading WLAN products with our solutions in the lab and commit to cooperative problem-resolution with our VIEW Certification Partners to reduce customer risk from the start.

Our VIEW Partners


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