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The Staff Safety Problem

  • Around two million US workers experience workplace violence each year 
  • 693,000 UK workers sustained non-fatal injuries in 2019/20 contributing to an estimated total of 6.3 million working days lost 
  • Extensive legislation in Europe and Australia to protect workers 

Those who work with money, the public, or alone are at greatest risk:

  • Healthcare, e.g., emergency, and psychiatric units  
  • Retail, e.g., theft and merchandise loss 
  • Manufacturing/Industrial – lone worker 

Employers are rightful concerned with the safety of their staff:

  • It’s the right thing to do 
  • $121 billion annual losses are attributed to workplace assaults
  • $3 or more is saved for each dollar invested in workplace safety

Staff safety is always a priority, especially for mobile workers dealing with the public, or handling money. Whether in healthcare, retail, manufacturing—your staff may find itself in unpredictable situations, often alone. With Spectralink SAFE, you can be ensured the help they need is available any time of day or night. 

Spectralink Safe 

Available on select models of our DECT and Wi-Fi phones, Spectralink SAFE integrates into existing mobile communications infrastructure to detect situations where a worker may be in danger or need assistance. Save lives and ease minds by enabling staff to get help quickly.  On the go, unable to move, or even incapacitated—Spectralink SAFE enables lone, mobile workers to quickly summon help, and offers security. 

How Spectralink SAFE can help: 

Duress/Panic Button 

If invoked, an automatic alarm call is triggered, and notification is sent to a monitoring application 

Tear-off String 

If the tear-off string is detached from the handset, an automatic alarm call is triggered 

“Running” Notification 

If the handset detects a user is running to an emergency or from a risky situation an alarm is triggered 

Tilt Notification 

If the handset is tilted from its usual position due to an emergency, a notification will be triggered 

“No Movement” Notification 

If the handset remains stationary, an alarm will indicate the user is no longer moving and an incident has occurred 

Spectralink SAFE for Healthcare 

Health professionals face a higher risk of workplace violence – nearly 75% of workplace assaults occurred in a healthcare setting. The risk is present due to the fact that healthcare workers are in contact with many different types of people on a daily basis. Unpredictable situations arise with potentially violent patients or workplace dangers. Spectralink SAFE protects mobile workers by solving the ever-increasing issue of safety in the workplace for nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

  • 80% of Emergency Medical Services personnel have been attacked by patients. 
  • 78% of Emergency Department physicians and 100% of Emergency Department nurses have experienced violence from patients within the last year. 
  • The annual incidence of physical assault in a psychiatric setting is 70%. 
  • Among nursing homes with dementia units, 59% of nursing aides reported being assaulted by patients weekly and 16% daily. 
  • 46% of nurses reported some form of workplace violence during their five most recent shifts. 

Rave Mobile Safety

Spectralink SAFE Application Partners

Partner Market(s) Region
Amcom Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing,
US, Canada, AU/NZ, EMEA
BlueSky Wireless Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing EMEA
Connexall Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing NALA, EMEA, AU/NZ
Flexvalley Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality EMEA
InTech Studios Manufacturing US
ITH-Icoserve Healthcare Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Lantel Healthcare Benelux
Local Alarm Solutions Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality EMEA, APAC
NewVoice Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality EMEA
Novalink Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government, Education, Retail, Financial DACH, Benelux, France, UK
Optiflows Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing,
France, Eastern Europe, Middle East, US