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Minimizing solution deployment costs and complexity

Through our Call Server Integration program, Spectralink works closely with call server integrators across the globe to deliver best-in class enterprise mobility solutions that integrate directly with each customer’s current and future communications infrastructure environment. This direct integration simplifies deployment, administration, reduces hardware and support costs, and accelerates ROI for enterprise organizations.

The Call Server Integration program lists all solutions supported by Spectralink, whether tested, validated or certified by Spectralink or partner for direct interoperability.

Interoperability brings key advantages together

Increased ROI

Proven interoperability reduces administration costs and downtime while helping customers increase efficiency and productivity.

Streamlined administration

Our program allows customer’s IT departments to centrally administer, modify and control the entire solution.

Customized solution

Customers can mix industry-customized wireless solutions to meet the individual needs of each employee, whether in an office environment, in a warehouse, or on the manufacturing floor.

Our Call Server Integration Partners


Keeping You Connected

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