Customer Service that Answers Every Call

Customers should always come first—getting the answers they need and attention they deserve right away. Spectralink’s wireless solutions for retail locations allow store managers and employees to stay in constant touch while on the sales floor, so customers get the service and satisfaction they deserve.

Our retail focused solutions go way beyond the capabilities of paging systems, cordless phones, and two-way radios – offering small to large retailers an enterprise phone system to meet growing needs. Our intuitive, cost-effective solutions move with you, so you can perform your job faster and more effectively from anywhere in the store.

If you’re looking for new ways to boost productivity, customer service, and your bottom line—trust Spectralink to deliver a cost effective wireless phone system built for busy retail environments.

Retail Solutions

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction - Customers receive direct and immediate access, reducing hold times. Employees are more responsive and proactive using Spectralink wireless phones with onboard, optional barcode scanner for inventory and price checks.
  • Better productivity storewide - Inventory control improves through direct communication with stockers and suppliers, who respond immediately to merchandise calls. Managers can remain on the sales floor to address customer requests and security issues.
  • Made for the retail environment - Lightweight, durable, easy-to-use handsets offer clear communication even in loud environments, plus systems leverage existing technology including the facility’s PBX and Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Management communicates in real time - Store managers can more readily be reached by district management and use two-way text messaging to access current information on store performance and inventory.