At Spectralink, we introduce a better way to work.

We call it WorkSmart—delivering confidence to get the job done right.

By enabling more efficient workers— Spectralink helps businesses as a whole work smarter, more successfully. And it starts with the way they communicate and the information they have at hand. That’s WorkSmart.

Spectralink handsets are built with rugged capabilities in case they are dropped in harsh work environments and offer the ability to sterilize for use in hospital environments. The devices can be adapted with tailored applications including Bluetooth, barcode scanning, push-to-talk and alert systems and with vast interoperability.

No matter how you work, Spectralink has a solution to help you work smarter, not harder.

  • Improve worker mobility, responsiveness and productivity
  • Uninterrupted voice quality, vast voice over Wi-Fi interoperability

  • Fast, wireless download of network configuration and applications
  • Server-based centralized management and provisioning

  • Built with functionality, usability, design and quality
  • Rugged at its core, DECT handsets are tough enough to endure the harshest environments