Today’s IT teams are constantly challenged to keep technology assets connected, updated and running smoothly 24 x 7 – particularly in mission-critical environments. Wireless deployments must be done right the first time with minimal time and effort. This is why Spectralink has introduced the Quick Network Connect (QNC) device and Configuration Management Server (CMS) to ensure the fastest, easiest deployments of Spectralink solutions.

Quick Network Connect (QNC)

Spectralink’s Quick Network Connect (QNC) accelerates the device roll-out process by stepping you through wireless configuration parameters and associating Spectralink mobile devices with your Wi-Fi network. It then wirelessly points the devices to a centralized configuration management server that manages the devices. With QNC, IT teams can:

  • Specify Wi-Fi network parameters
  • Configure proxy settings for access to the Internet
  • Download MDM/EMM client for application management
  • Control access to online services such as Google Play™

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Configuration Management Server (CMS)

Spectralink’s Configuration Management Server (CMS) uses a web-based platform that acts as a provisioning server, allowing you to view and manage your Spectralink mobile solutions from a single application. The GUI interface opens in a browser, providing an easy, intuitive way to configure your Spectralink devices and manage the deployment of multiple devices at once. CMS allows IT teams to:

  • Configure Spectralink mobile devices using QNC to connect to the wireless LAN and directing it to CMS. CMS securely recognizes the handset or smartphone as a valid device, allowing it to be visible on the Pending Device List
  • Manage passwords and permissions to perform specific configurations or deactivate users.
  • Create groups and assign features to devices by groups
  • Configure multiple devices using profiles for different configuration requirements

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