Spectralink 6000 Base Station

Spectralink 6000 Base Station

Spectralink 6000 Base Station

Base stations provide the wireless communication channel between the wireless telephone and the MCU. Each base station supports four simultaneous telephone calls and covers a transmission area of typically 25,000 to 45,000 square feet. The size of the coverage area is dependent on wall structure, ceiling height, and other obstructions within a building.

Spectralink 6000 Base Stations provides seamless coverage throughout the facility by enabling a smooth handoff of active calls between base stations as a user walks throughout the coverage area. The Spectralink 6000 Base Stations are small, about the size of a hardback book, and can be mounted under a drop ceiling or on the wall. For outdoor installations, a weatherproof enclosure is available.

High-Density Applications

The Spectralink 6000 Portfolio allows more base stations within a concentrated area, increasing call paths for high-density environments. Spectralink offers special high-density base stations on the Spectralink 6300 Series MCU to accommodate a high concentration of active wireless telephone users. The capacity of the base stations and master control unit remains the same, but the high-density base station transmission characteristics allow for a much higher spatial density than the standard base stations. The system is well-suited for environments where there are many workers with frequent telephone usage within a relatively small area, such as call centers, dense office environments, and trading floors.

  • Call centers
  • Trading floors
  • Wireless offices
  • Emergency response and rapid deployment
  • Conference centers and hospitality

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