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7020/7720 Handset question
  • By: hhitsupport
  • @: Sep 17th 9:03am

There is supposed to be a combination entry to put into the phone, so that I can verify the base station wireless signals in my office.  Can anyone provide that information?  Been waiting over a...

Display upside down after firmware update
  • By: MPieper
  • @: Aug 7th 11:35pm



yesterday, I updated the firmware on an older, KIRK branded, 5040, using the Java based updater. I found nothing in the Changelog stating that this could be problematic. The old...

Exact number of simultaneous calls
  • By: rcsantos
  • @: Apr 23rd 7:08am


I have two Kirk Wireless Server 600 v3 (Master/ slave) with a multicell license[1] so what is the exact number of simultaneous calls i can get[2]? 




GW-DECT/MASTER 3 055490190244 > Disc 44
  • By: rcsantos
  • @: Apr 15th 8:24am


Where do i find the list of codes in order to help me to know exactly what this "disc" cause refers to: "GW-DECT/MASTER 3 055490190244 > Disc 44"

"Disc 44" is exactly what?...

Show date on 7640 handsets
  • By: mike99
  • @: Feb 4th 6:41pm


I tryed to check how to be able to view date on the handset but didn't found any way. What I would like is the date to be shown at the upper right corner with the hour but at less...