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Can't upgrade base station
  • By: mike99
  • @: Nov 26th 11:29am

I have base station I'm not able to upgrade. Those are label as KIRK Base Station 6000 when I look at the header of the base station web GUI. The product I bough was a 12 channel so I presume...

Too much coverage?
  • By: Robin_honeywell
  • @: Nov 6th 5:40am

I have site installed where this an area with overlapping signals from many different buildings. If walk a particular path (outside, the basestations are in surrounding buildings) calls break up...

Connection Error No Net, No AP's
  • By: DarrenMWilliams
  • @: Oct 21st 8:33am


I am having major problems replacing a faulty Spectralink 8020. I have configured the SIP details with Telephony protocol 36 and Statically configured the Access Point.

I still...

Spectralink 8020
  • By: DarrenMWilliams
  • @: Oct 21st 7:36am

We have a site that has issues and the error is as follows, any ideas.

bad code type 30 expected type 36


thank you


7020/7720 Handset question
  • By: hhitsupport
  • @: Sep 17th 9:03am

There is supposed to be a combination entry to put into the phone, so that I can verify the base station wireless signals in my office.  Can anyone provide that information?  Been waiting over a...