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6500 server dropping calls on connection
  • By: Robin_honeywell
  • @: Feb 10th 9:34am


I have just installed a 6500 at a site connecting via Lync.

I can make and receive a call but when it connects it immediatly drops (other sip endpoints are find it's just he DECT...

Kirk Base Station 12
  • By: mgarbin
  • @: Feb 9th 8:02am

Hi ,

I have a kirk base station 12 (02337300) HW PCS 10A, SW PIE 13A , i want to upgrade it to last firmware http...

  • By: eric.carbonnier
  • @: Jan 30th 7:46am


I'am looking for any information on SNMP trap available on KWS400.

thanks for your time



Only 11 users on KIRK 300 via PC14XX
  • By: grig
  • @: Jan 27th 1:58am

Hello, Spectralink team.

I used firmware PCS13 on KIRK 300 and all was fine. But I tried the latest version PCS14E last week, and got some bug.

The twelfth user in not registering on...

Repeter upgrade
  • By: mike99
  • @: Jan 12th 4:41pm

How to upgrade DECT repeater firmware ? I can't find information about this and don't see this option in ServiceTool.

Error "RTP Stat" logged: what's mean?!
  • By: d.ciribifera
  • @: Dec 18th 6:51am

RTP stat (Call) for user 2848. Media path: MR[kirk-8404357] <-> EP[] channel:2 session:0 duration:76870ms packages tx:1588 rx:2239 problems:273 12% dropped...